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5 pasos para crear un webinar atractivo que impulse las conversiones

Creando un webinar atractivo que impulse las ventas [Paso 1] Los buenos Webinars comienzan con un plan! Como todos los planes de marketing, tus webinars deben basarse en una estrategia. Si intentas ejecutar un webinar sin un plan, es probable que crees una experiencia aburrida que no convierta a nadie en clientes. Entonces, ¿qué debes…

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el abc del e-commerce

EL ABC del ecommerce

E-COMMERCE QUÉ ES UN E-COMMERCE Hola soy Abby, y a continuación te voy a explicar qué es el e-commerce. Además, te detallo todo lo que debes saber sobre este tema. El comercio electrónico o e-commerce consiste en el desarrollo de actividades de tipo comercial e intercambio de información con un beneficio financiero por medio de…

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12 fuentes de inspiración que encontramos en los emprendedores

Cada emprendedor debe buscar su fuente de inspiración emprendedora, para así poner en marcha sus proyectos empresariales. El futuro empresario debe contar con habilidades y capacidades emprendedoras como meter corazón, ideas, pasión, ganas, y trabajar en un espacio de inspiración. El emprendedor debe dar a conocer sus emociones, aptitudes e ideas emprendedoras, y buscar retroalimentación…

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What’s the point in all this blogging?

Blogging Blogging is a marketing strategy that is vital as it can assist the business to keep up with challenging online competition. Guest posts have a crucial role to play in developing the market size. Today, an overall of 3 billion individuals use the Internet. So, businesses should recognize that all these people are prospective…

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Good Idea

4 proven methods to validate your product idea

How to validate your product idea A significant stage to take when building a product nobody wants is to deeply validate your product idea. It seems like a clear thing to do, however many times this stage is not taken, wasting time and money that gets pushed aside. Why people avoid this? Many people don’t…

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8 secrets to striking a balance in Your Life as an Entrepreneur

Striking a Balance in Your Life When you commit to a life of entrepreneurship, you are committing to much more than you probably realize. Is it worth it? That is a question you need to answer on your own after reflecting deeply on what it is that you most want out of life. When you…

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Why small business fail

Why Small Businesses Fail

Why Small Businesses Fail If you are going into business for yourself, you need to be aware of at least one fact. The vast majority of businesses fold with their first year of operation. So, Why small businesses fail? This fact is less a reflection on the businesses or the people running them than on…

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Business software

3 Keys to Succeed in Business

Keys to Succeed in Business     If you want to succeed in business, make your life a whole lot easier by adopting a set of firm and practical principles. Hence, You may be asking yourself when you hear that, “Which principles should I be adopting?” While the specific may vary from person to person,…

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Announcing the Appy Crowdfunding Campaign

Appy crowdfunding  campaign We’re excited to announce the launch of our Appy crowdfunding  campaign next 28th February, 2017. We are close to the finish line! Our goal is to fund the final development stages of our cost-effective, integrated organizational software for start-ups. We’re reaching out to investors who believe in and support the initiative and…

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Young entrepreneur using Appy

Be Free, Get your start-up going in New Year

Get Your Start-Up Going this 2017 As we head into the New Year, we are faced with a wealth of opportunity to forge new paths for ourselves and form new, positive habits that can carry us all the way into 2018, hitting all our goals along the way can achieving even beyond our own plans.…

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