Apply inbound marketing to your strategy

Aplica el inbound marketing a tu estrategia.

Digital marketing has opened up a range of options when it comes to strategy development. The possibility of establishing lasting relationships with the market is one of those fundamental objectives business always seek to achieve. The Inbound methodology provides the necessary tools to achieve it accurately.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a methodology designed to provide potential customers with useful content to solve their queries and problems, allowing them to provide a better experience. This type of strategy is applied constantly, and it is fundamental to keep audiences connected with the content.

Inbound Marketing aims to generate the right content for each audience to motivate that potential market to advance in the sales funnel and perform an action.

It is a marketing form to lead customers to your products / services generating content, SEO and social networks.

Features and examples of inbound marketing.

  • It establishes from its inception the segment you want to serve, which is essential to generate the appropriate content.
  • It generates greater creativity in content marketing, as a way to drive strategy.
  • It develops as an ongoing process, in which it is essential to generate useful content that keeps the audience connected.
  • Helps customer retention, since its focus is to provide happiness and satisfaction.
  • Helps generate Leads, In addition to generating useful content, this tool channels information so that users can make some action, such as a purchase.
  • Allows to enhance the ROI thanks to its ability to measure the efforts of the strategy in an agile and simple way.
  • Promotes email marketing, to share relevant content to customers and potential customers.
  • Favors SEO optimization, which is fundamental to have prominent positions in search engines.
  • Stimulates the development and optimization of your website, landing pages should be attractive and action-oriented.
  • Helps nourish your segment, which stimulates the conversion funnel by about 50%.

An example of Inbound Marketing, is the development of Podcast.

Podcast formats are perfect for adding personality to the brand, and in this way getting your target market to remember your content as a valuable and fun resource.

How to implement inbound marketing in your marketing strategy

Establishing an Inbound methodology can be a challenge if you do not do it in a planned way. However, some tools can help you do it simply and efficiently.

The primary goal is to attract new prospects to your company, interact with them on a large scale and hook them individually to your content.

Before begin, it is essential to define what the objectives of your company are. For example: Do you want to build a brand reputation? Are you looking to grow your customer base? Do you want to generate more income? Being able to give them a clear answer to your objectives will help you guide the Inbound strategy in an appropriate way.

Some of the elements you must incorporate when implementing an Inbound marketing strategy are:

  1. Build a personal brand, this allows you to promote yourself and show leadership within the segment.
  2. The interaction of the brand in social networks is fundamental, asking questions, answering queries, and allowing to strengthen the link with that target market.
  3. Deepen content of value to your audience, to do this you must ensure your content answers questions such as: "Is it for me?", "What solutions does it give me?", "Why are you the best choice?" That is, content focused on your needs.
  4. SEO optimization of search engines,through the use of content with keywords to obtain high scores in search engines.
  5. Design a website compatible with all smart mobile devicesthis allows customers to access your information from any device, promoting visibility.
  6. The priority is to provide the best customer experience,providing clear information, friendly solutions, a good navigation system, or any other tool that allows you to improve your experience.
  7. Make your content more visual, is easier and more enjoyable to digest what promotes the consumption of your content.
  8. Provide information based on data, to do so the content must go through a process of selection and in-depth research.
  9. Use narration tools for your content, you can have a very complete content, but if you do not approach it in the right way, your audience probably will not consume it. Use those tools to show the information in an attractive and interesting way.
  10. Reinforces trust and credibility,providing efficient solutions is one of the most effective ways to reinforce trust and credibility with customers.
  11. Use email pop-ups,, they help generate an action and feed email lists.
  12. Design a sales funnel that guides the potential market, and can complete the value chain efficiently.
  13. Less, is moreGenerating content, does not mean you should saturate with information, or generate content without bases. It is better to offer two or three articles of value a week, than to fill with content that does not generate any effect on your audience.
  14. Promoteyour content to create backlinksbacklinks are indispensable to boost search engines.
  15. Offering free seminars or courses by mail, this way you can evaluate those customers who consume your material.
  16. Use Influencer Marketing,this type of marketing is accessible and completely oriented to your segment.

When developing inbound strategies, business are applying numerous marketing tools to design a comprehensive strategy to boost the business. You can also implement them in a simple way through specialized software in this tool, which also makes it more agile and simple.