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We’re excited to announce the launch of our Appy crowdfunding  campaign next 28th February, 2017. We are close to the finish line! Our goal is to fund the final development stages of our cost-effective, integrated organizational software for start-ups. We’re reaching out to investors who believe in and support the initiative and spirit of businesses that want to bring products to market without the burden of having to buy expensive software.

We are launching a business, but beyond that, we think we can make a real impact on the business world in general. Appy start-up software will truly help save new businesses thousands of dollars. Entrepreneurs will not longer need to buy random, overlapping software from scratch to efficiently evolve their start-ups. Instead Appy provides one ready-made software system especially developed for new businesses. If we do this right, millions of lives around the world could be improved as a result of the entrepreneurship we foster. Crowd funding will accelerate Appy’s availability to all.

What others say

Industry experts are saying that, Appy is the next SAP for every micro and small business of the world”. 

How cool is that? Appy is the sort of software package that comes along only once in a decade. What we want to do is cut software out of the equation when start-up companies are figuring out their budgets, giving the most innovative companies more leeway as they plan for their first year of business and beyond. The application tracks all business activity, including inventory, sales orders, CRM, eCommerce, statistics, payments, quotes and overhead. Appy software is easy to use, multi-language- and multiplatform-friendly.

Our Appy crowdfunding appy crowdfunding campaign - mobile appcampaign will help entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges. Locking in enough operating capital is critical. Businesses need funds to ramp up, and keep the doors open. The vast majority of start-ups never make it past their first year of business, which is bad news for everyone, from the investors to the customers who could have benefitted from whatever product the start-up was offering. As an initial thank you to its IndieGoGo contributors, we’re offering lifetime access to the software, advertising privileges and tee shirts.

Beyond making a monetary contribution, you can help us by sharing our campaign with all your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter and all your colleagues on LinkedIn. The more entrepreneurs know about Appy by the time we are ready to launch, the smoother our introduction will go.


We appreciate your support greatly.

Thank you for your time.

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