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Easy to use software to boost startups growth, 99% less cost


The startups challenge

You face a unique set of challenges as a start-up company. Chief among these challenges, however, is money. You need plenty of it just to get started, and if you want to keep your doors open, you need to start making more than you are spending very quickly. In fact, that the vast majority of start-ups never make it past their first year of business.

Our Solution

In order to cut one major cost our team has developed Appy, an all-on-one inbound marketing and management software. Appy is here to replace a number of programs that start-ups otherwise spend thousands of dollars purchasing. With Appy, you can track all the activity in your business. This is business software done intelligently.

Why Appy

Appy is the sort of software package that comes along only once in a decade, up-ending several industries at once. Appy has been engineered for ease of use, effective security, flexibility, multilingualism, and power.

What we want to do is cut software out of the equation when start-up companies are figuring out their budgets, giving the most innovative companies more leeway as they plan for their first year of business and beyond. In Appy we fosterentrepreneurship.


Do It yourself

Start in less than 5 minutes. No need of tech knowlegde

Easy to Use

Companies should no longer rely on specialized personnel to meet their technological needs

Top Security

We take security very seriously, so you can be calm and confident at all times


Designed to be used on any device, anywhere. The Freedom you deserve!

Ultimate Solution

We've created the most complete suite that integrates naturally


Today's businesses are global. How about your company?

"With Appy I have a BETTER control of my company in an easy and collaborative way. Before Appy we used spreadsheets to control activities, losing the general vision of the company"

Gerardo Ramirez - Gerente General, Serves

What You Get

We have come to you, Crowdfunder, in order to raise $22000. These funds will cover the costs of pushing Appy through the final stages of development so that we can release a world-class product to the market by the end of fiscal year 2017.

As a thank-you to everyone who contributes to our campaign, we have planned The most Attractive Rewards and Premium Discounts for lifetime access to our complete software to boost your company growth

Other ways to Help

Beyond making a monetary contribution, you can help us by sharing our campaign with all your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter and all your colleagues on LinkedIn. The more entrepreneurs know about Appy by the time we are ready to launch, the smoother our introduction will go.

We appreciate your support greatly.

Appy plans

"Appy helps me engage more customers, which later I can convert in more sales"

Gerardo Chaves - Sales Manager, Innova




The fastest way to take control and freedom of your company!

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